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Telephone fraud and how it works

Good afternoon All

Been quite a few calls about this subject today, so thought i would advise you all about it.

Person ( lets call him FRED) has a call on his landline from someone reporting to be a Police Officer, they say that they have a young man in custody who has attempted to spend £2000 in an Apple shop using Fred's details. The call sounds very convincing. The person pretending to be a Police Officer than advises Fred to call 999, quote the officers name and force number to make sure he is a real Police Officer. Hence Fred does this, but what Fred does not realise is that the bogus Police officer has not ended the call, hence line is still connected. When Fred dials 999, the bogus Police Officer has handed the phone to a female who pretends to be a call taker for the Police and confirms the details of the bogus officer. So Fred believes it was the Police phoning him. The Bogus Police officer then rings back and the fraud starts, as he would ask Fred to confirm his banking details and password, Fred would think this was genuine, as he already confirmed that the officer works for the Police. By the time this all sinks in, and he checks with his bank, the money has gone.

Thankfully, today not one of the persons called has fallen for this scam, so be aware, it is happening. A Police officer would not ask you to phone 999 to confirm his identity,  at best he would ask you to call 101( 999 is emergency line only). If you ever doubt that some who states they are a Police officer is not one, politely either end the call and call 101 using another line (mobile ?), doing this will ensure you are in contact with the Police. If some comes to your door and states they are a Police officer, either in uniform or plain clothes and you are unsure, either politely close the door and dial 101, or if they have a radio, ask the officer for a validity check on his/her radio.

Mainly out Rural today, keep safe and well. 

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John Gorham
(Police, PCSO, Folkestone and Hythe Community Safety Unit Romney Marsh)

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