My Community Voice is a way to be updated by Kent Police about the issues that matter to you. Unlike social media, My Community Voice is a secure and personal messaging system that allows you to determine what type of messages you receive and how.

To start getting alerts, register your details, tell us how you would like to be contacted and the topics and issues that matter to you. The alerts will come to you via email, text or voice note. If you have any information about an appeal, then you can message us back through the alert.

We also welcome your comments and thoughts. Clicking on the 'reply' link within a message will send your reply to the person that sent the message and your local policing team. All emails are read and actioned. Please be aware that sometimes we will not reply if you want to pass information on to us for our attention.

Please note: This service should not be used to report any crime or incident to the police. In an emergency, if a crime is in progress or life is in danger, call 999.