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Crime Prevention Alerts - Theft from Vehicle in local area

Good Morning Resident,

Following reports of theft from vehicles in and around your local area.

I would like to just remind you of some crime prevention tips to make sure your vehicles are safe.

Vehicle crime often happens when people leave their belongings on display for others to see.

Remember, it only takes a few seconds for a thief to break into your car or vehicle and steal your property.

Follow these simple guidelines to reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of this type of crime:

•   remove all valuables including portable sat nav systems, mobile phones and laptops, even if you’re only away from your vehicle for a few minutes

•   clean suction marks from your windscreen if using a portable sat nav – these show a potential thief that it might still be inside

•   don’t hide valuables in the boot or glove compartment as these are the first places a thief will look

• thieves steal number plates to use in other crimes, you can fit tamper proof number plate screws to help prevent this.

Has anyone tried to sell you a second-hand sat nav system or other electronic equipment in unusual circumstances?

 If so, you can report a non-urgent crime online www.kent.police.uk/report. You can also call Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Visit the Kent Police website www.kent.police.uk for more crime prevention.


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Katherine Richards
(Police, PCSO, Ashford Community Safety Unit)

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