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Schools' focus around appropriate behaviour towards girls and women


Tunbridge Wells officers are leading a pilot scheme among school children to raise awareness around consent and appropriate behaviour towards girls and women.


The four-week-long programme sees officers engaging with male pupils in PE lessons, to help them understand more about healthy relationships and how to challenge unwanted or unacceptable conduct.


Sport Talk is aimed at children aged from 14 to 16 and being trialled at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys. It is hoped it can then also be introduced into other schools. 


Sergeant Sam Moat of the Tunbridge Wells Community Safety Unit said: ‘Safeguarding women and girls from violence and unwanted sexual attention is incredibly important, and we hope by sending officers into schools we can find new ways to help deliver messages and learning to pupils from a young age.


‘Sport Talk involves male officers running PE lessons as a way to engage with boys. It helps channel learning on topics including consent and personal space and helps them also understand outside influences which can affect and influence their behaviour. The sessions also provide important advice to children on how to challenge inappropriate advances or conduct’.

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