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Good Afternoon.

Sorry i have not posted for a while but have been away enjoying the weather (but it was a bit hot !!)

As per the title, there has been an increase in theft of purses from handbags/bags being carried. Please be vigilant in crowded shops, where this crime has been on the increase of late, leaving your bag open where the purse can be seen is an invitation for a thief to take it. Please make sure your bag is zipped up, or if not, buy a cheap "purse lead", this is a short lead that attaches your purse to the bag, so that it cannot be taken without you knowing, you could even make a small lead to perform this simple function. Its not so much the money that is in the purse, but the debit and credit cards also contained, which will be used almost before you realise the purse is missing.

On another note, we have also seen an increase in a certain type of telephone fraud, always on a land line. Someone calls pretending to be a Police officer, and that someone has been caught using your banking details to buy goods, they will want your bank account details to confirm, they will ask you to phone a number to confirm that they are a real police officer, could be something like 161, however, because they do not release the call to your phone, when you dial 161, its still the scammers on the phone who then confirm they are a police officer, which they are not. This sort of scam normally only goes out to elderly people who have a trust in the Police and are easily tricked. Some have lost thousands to this scam, either by the offenders taking money electronically, or asking the person to withdrawer money and they then send a courier to pick it up saying that the notes will be marked, as they suspect the bank is performing fraud. It all adds up to one thing, they get your money !. Please spread the word about these type of calls, and if you know someone who does receive one, tell them to say to the caller that they will be going to the local police station to verify their details, this normally stops the calls.

I hope you are all enjoying the weather, but like me, hoping for rain soon !!  

Keep well and keep safe.

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John Gorham
(Police, PCSO, Folkestone and Hythe Community Safety Unit Romney Marsh)

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