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Catalytic Converter Thefts - Greenhithe

Good Afternoon

I hope this email finds you well!

We have started to receive a further influx of calls in Greenhithe relating to Catalytic Converter Thefts, one most recently being only yesterday!

We, as your Dartford PCSO's, would like to let you know that this is being investigated and would therefore like to provide some reassurance to you all.

I have put together some helpful tips that may assist in deterring any other suspects from returning to attack further vehicles in our community;

  • Avoid parking your vehicle half-on a kerb, as it lifts up one side of the vehicle making access to the underside much easier for thieves.
  • Park your vehicle in a locked garage where possible. If you don't have access to a garage, parking in a well-lit, busy area can reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being targeted.
  • Anti-theft devices can be purchased for £100-£300, depending on your vehicle. These provide a physical barrier around the catalytic converter, making removal far more difficult and potentially preventing theft entirely.
  • Catalytic converter marking kits can be purchased for around £10-£20. These act as an effective deterrent by making it much easier for stolen ones to be traced and the offenders prosecuted.
  • Your Dartford PCSO's will be holding a few catalytic converter marking events in the near future - if you're interested in this, please follow our Twitter page - @KentPoliceDart to find out when those events will be taking place and also find out what your local officers have been dealing with in our Dartford.

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