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Protect your garden

Good Afternoon Resident

Its that time of year, the good weather is upon us, more of us are out in our gardens or are away on holiday and there are a few things we can look at, to protect our homes and property.

When going out, please make sure windows are not left open. This is tempting in the hot weather but you just never know who is about.

Protect your garden

Maintain hedges and fences to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your garden.

Close your garden gate and lock it from the inside.

Store bins and ladders carefully so they can’t be used as climbing aids.

Store tools and equipment somewhere secure after use so they don’t get stolen or used to break into your home.

Secure sheds and garages with suitable locks and consider fitting shed alarms and security lights.

Disable lawn mowers and other large machinery when not in use and chain items together or to a solid anchor point.

Security-mark valuable items – taking photographs and recording details such as serial numbers and identifying marks can also help to identify items if they get lost or stolen.

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Zoe Turner
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