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nuisance vehicles in your area!

Good Afternoon


We have had multiple reports of nuisance vehicles in your area over the weekend. Patrols have been deployed in an attempt to catch or at least deter the vehicles.


Unfortunately, the rural setting makes it very difficult to apprehend offenders at the time of the incident. A lot of our success with nuisance vehicles comes from CCTV, phone footage and information from the public allowing us to identify riders and vehicles.


If you have any images or videos from this weekend of nuisance vehicles in action, or if you know addresses nuisance vehicles are coming from, please let me know and we will investigate and hopefully seize the relevant vehicles.


You can reply to me directly by using the buttons at the bottom of this email.

If you want to report a new incident, please follow this link to report online.

Report antisocial behaviour | Kent Police

The more reports that we get in then the more resources that we can justify committing to solving the problems.

Thanks for your support.


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Sean Humphrey
(Kent Police, PCSO, Medway Neighbourhood Task Force)

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